“The Substance beneath the Visible” project started in Cambodia in 2006. It is now continued in the United States. Images of this project are captured with tools that were not originally built to be cameras. Since the beginning of this project I use rectangular boxes that I kept when buying energy saver bulbs for the gallery I managed in Phnom Penh at that time. The boxes are long, kind of panoramic size. I have 6 boxes supposedly identical, yet each giving a different image as a result. These cameras have three “eyes” and create panoramic views that don’t exist, combining three different “samples” of reality simultaneously on the same image. My images as “samples” or fragments of Cambodia at a certain time on a certain place: plastic chairs in a street of Phnom Penh, stairs from a house in Kompong Speu, a bamboo fence of a land in Battambang… My paper negatives are cut and deliberately altered. When I shoot I have no idea what the negative in the box looks like. I discover everything when I develop the negatives, accepting the unexpected and the camera’s own role in the creative process. There is probably a certain pain and suffering in these pictures, this world (Cambodia, United States, anywhere…) isn’t always an easy place to live… For sure my work also relates to a certain "state of poverty". Cambodia was definitely the right place to start this project.