Born and raised in Geneva Switzerland, Cambodian aka "TONES" is a talented graffiti artist. He is part of a well known graffiti collective known as EDK (Esprit Du Karton- Every Day Killaz} founded in Geneva Switzerland by his mentor Rey1. Tones is particularly known for painting the figures and characters that are fused into the letters and names in the crew's vibrant artwork. Over the past few years Tones has travelled to take part in several mural projects in Europe, USA and Cambodia. Including several large murals at a Geneva train station to celebrate the inclusion of Switzerland in the Euro 2008 football tournament.

The pictures presented here show the artist working on smaller projects made on his first ever trip to Cambodia.

Tones lives breathes and sleeps graffiti, in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap town he travels by bicycle with a small bag for his spray cans, sketching materials and a krama to protect him from the paint fumes. Coming from Europe he quickly found the country and people of his roots to be easy going and friendly. His knowledge of the Khmer language made it easy for Cambodians to trust him and allow him to paint on their walls. He was also commissioned to paint by local Siem Reap businesses allowing him to extend his trip in the country. A number of his Cambodia pieces have been created jointly with British expat and graffiti artist Martin Crabtree, aka "DIMER".

His final project before departing Cambodia, Tones painted what seems to be the only piece of graffiti art existing slap bang in the middle of the Cambodian countryside. Painted jointly with Dimer over three hot days, a concrete cube house backs out onto rice fields that stretch out to the horizon in Chey Tauch village, Kandal Province. Minimalist and odd both in style and practicality, it already stood out from the traditional wooden houses in the area. The house owner Miss Tauch Lon agreed to have the back of her concrete cube painted as an experiment and to perhaps give the rice farmers something to marvel at whilst working in the fields.