The building - Part 2


CAMBODIA, Phnom Penh - "The Building" officially known as the Tonle Basaac Apartments or White Building, is a Phnom Penh icon known infamously for prostitution, drugs and child trafficking in modern Cambodia. Originally designed and constructed as alternative apartment housing for employees of the state in the early 1960's, with the advent of war and a liquidated populace, the modern apartment complex quickly fell into disrepair. In what is now viewed as Phnom Penh's pre-eminent slum, a journey into "The Building" reveals much much more, comprising a unique and strangely beguiling microcosm of Khmer society.
These images comprise only a fraction of a broader selection of work photographed over a period of six months on a day to day basis. As the editing process continues, more images and text are soon to follow.