DTES - Canada's Poorest Postal Code

One of the world’s most livable cities attempts to overcome its societal ills, confronting a plague of mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, homelessness and rates of HIV/Aids nearing third world levels. Concurrently, the affected community faces economic gentrification that threatens to uproot its low-income residents from existing innovative social programs and local support networks meant to improve it.
Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is an experiment in urban ethics, tolerance and healing. In a highly publicized environment, city planners and developers are expanding urban development eastwards through the controversial twelve city blocks. Pivotal changes affecting liberal strategies, laws and health programs dedicated to reform are occurring rapidly, with more pressure and scrutiny than at any other time in the community's history. Through portraiture, I have dedicated the last several years to documenting these changes as they affect the lives of the marginalized residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.