Water is Life

Bordered by sea, Cambodia’s geography has many rivers, lakes and channels which are home to abundant fishes and make the favorable agriculture sector possible for Cambodian farmers which are the predominant number among the whole population. In fact, as one of the biggest lake in Southeast Asia, Tonle Sap has provided hug of fishes to Cambodian for their daily life and the rest could be exported to other countries. The importance of water is beyond described. Water is indispensable for animal, vegetation, human and all lives on earth. Besides land, water serves as important transportation routes for boats and ships to move to different part of the world.

Hence, this piece of art works called “Water is Life” was created and it leads us to the imaginative pictures which reflect to some human being, animal, and forestry that growing next to water as well as the lives rely on water and also to draw an attention the impact as the result from the human being to the water.

I would like to dedicate this piece of art to all people in the world to raise their awareness to take good care of water and make it usable forever with sustainable use, making it clean and free from pollutions.