Computer Light Portrait(new edited version)

Today, it seems that computers are everywhere, that
they are necessary for everyone. But, in my country,
many people don’t have computers, don’t have access to
them, don’t work with them and will have no access –
and no use – of computers.
At the same time, I discovered that the light of the
screen of my computer is a very special one, different
than all the other ones used for photography, either daily
light, or flash, or spots. And I decided to try to reveal the
faces of individuals, some I knew, some I just met for the
occasion, using this special light.
I have the feeling that it’s a kind of revelation, a
kind of contemporary portraits and a question. The only
thing which links those people is the light I choose for
them. They, finally, are my creatures and I’m
transforming them to include them in a series, which
keeps their identity and, at the same time, includes them
in a surrounding question about today, about technology
and society in Cambodia.
Philong Sovan. 2010.