Acodo Cambodian hope

Cambodian children continue to be some of the most deprived and abused offspring in the world. They’ve had no choice in being born into a country with some of the highest rates of child prostitution and domestic violence in the world. Without schooling and access to basic public services, these children have little hope of escaping a life of destitution. It is, therefore, inexcusable that any child should have to live this way in such a plentiful world.

A Cambodian non-government organization, Assisting Cambodian Orphans and The disabled Organization (ACODO), is presently working with orphans, disabled people and indigent families by providing Life-and-Vocational Skills and Indigent Family Support. It has been working for the poor, street and garbage children (children who explore the garbage for spoiled food to eat), vagabonds and disabled people.

Initially started by the vision of two passionate people: a Sociology professor, and a local teacher, ACODO began its journey with voluntary teaching in the slums of Cambodia. Its primary mission till date has been the delivery of Life Skills and Vocational Skills free of charge. Amongst the dark and depressing situation persisting in the country ACODO may seem like a tiny flare of a candle yet it is a source of hope nonetheless.