Art in All of Us workshop for children for the French Red Cross in Cambodia

The French Red Cross is involved since 2004 in the care of children living with Communicable Diseases in Phnom Penh. In partnership with the National Pediatric Hospital, the project has enabled the establishment of a reception center and specialized medical services for children living with Communicable Diseases. A key component of the project was particularly the local capacity building to improve the monitoring of children.
The French Red Cross has appealed Isabelle to stimulate the creativity of several groups of children living with Communicable Diseases in Phnom Penh in Cambodia as part of the psychosocial program in August-September 2013. The working tool during these fun activities was photography and art in general as workshops and curriculum established by Art in All of Us in more than 2,200 schools worldwide.
Isabelle was also responsible for the training of facilitators and staff of The French Red Cross so they can continue these activities after her departure.

In addition to the photo workshops Isabelle documented with photos all children workshops conducted within the social Maelis center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The idea of this photo workshop with children and young people in the program is to use a particular tool, they are not used to handle, but which by its use, allows them to go to meet each other and take a different look about themselves, their entourage, their family and their community. The workshop foster their capacity to undertake things and highlight their skills, while working to enhance their view of the world around them and thus help reduce the negative image that they eventually have about their body because of their illness.