The survivors of acid attacks in Cambodia

The cambodian society has long suffered from genocide and civil war. Until now there has been no reconcilation and left behind a society which is deeply traumatized
Business quarreld, neighbor disputes, rage or jealousy often result in violence.
One of the most brutal forms are acid attacks. Acid is widely accessible all over the country and cheap.
A liter goes for one dollar.
In a country rife with corruption and poverty an culture of impunity exists.
Perpetrators often go free, hardly anyone has to pay for the crimes.
The victims of Acid Attacks are often left alone, emitionally and physically scarred for life - and dependent on other people. 2010 was the year with the most attacks - with the numbers still growing.
One of the few organisations which takes care of the survivors is the Cambodian Acid Survivor Charity (CASC).

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