September 2015

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Asia Motion Newsletter - September 2015

Art in All of Us connects European children with refugees

Art in All of Us connects European children with refugees.
Last year, Art in All of Us decided to connect European children with Syrian refugees through art. Now, over 1000 children of 31 European countries sent their message to refugees in Brussels

Their key objective is to broaden and deepen a European consciousness among public and decision makers as a way to mitigate the risks of privation of education for an entire generation of children.

Through Art in All of Us (AiA) network of European schools throughout the world, AiA Volunteers organized creativity workshops inside schools with the cooperation of the art teacher. The results are paintings and drawings that spark communication with the children of Syria.

The results are mind blowing and hopefully will raise awareness in the public and bring some warmth to the refugees who will see and receive those artwork. Now, more activities with Syrian refugees in Syria, Lebanon and in Belgium are already on the program.

Art in All of us is sharing the first part of this project to welcome the refugees that arrived in the camp set in the Parc Maximilien, in Brussels. An exhibition is already set up in the middle of the camp since the 11 of September welcoming refugees and visitors.

Drawing material and further AiA messages from European children will be put in their brand new schoolbags that they are about to receive.

If you want to participate in those efforts, please visit their dedicate site:

Latest photos of their activities can be followed on facebook:

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Art in All of Us connects European children with refugees

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