August 2015

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Asia Motion Newsletter - August 2015

We are really happy to announce that MAK Remissa serie " LEFT 3 DAYS " will be part of the amazing exhibition "Renaissance" during the 4th edition of LILLE 3000.
From the 26th of September 2015 >17 January 2016.

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"Immerse yourself for four month in cities undergoing a full-scale renaissance! Announcing an opening up to the world through artistic and technological exchanges, RENAISSANCE, the new thematic season designed by lille3000, aims to reflect the vitality of the planet we live on today.In similar fashion to the 16th-century Renaissance in Europe, marked by intellectual and artistic renewal, today, in the early 21st century, we are going through a turbulent era in which a new world is emerging.
It is this momentum that RENAISSANCE will seek to capture through the opening parade, major exhibitions, urban metamorphoses, incursions into Renaissance cities – RIO, EINDHOVEN, DETROIT or PHNOM PENH shows, Do It Yourself, lights, design, food, original events and debates and more. Artists from all around the globe – Europe, France, the Euro district and Lille – will meet the public in a spirit of openness,positivity and joy."

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Like other Cambodians, some of my family members died from the killing, starvation, forced labor and torture under the Khmer Rouge regime. Most of those who have survived the regime do not wish to recall such painful memories nor do they try to remember in order to avoid continues emotional suffer...

Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam has just purchased a set of Julien Poulson "Dara Puspita" screen prints to exhibit, alongside iconic 60s artists including photographers like David Bailey, in an exhibition called The Sixties - A Worldwide Happening
The Sixties - A Worldwide Happening exhibition opens in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, October 6. The exhibition offers a global view of the 1960s, an era when globalization as we know it first appeared. Visitors will be surprised by the trans-border connections which have never been presented in this way before.
Please check an article about Julien Poulson"Dara Puspita" screen prints here

Furthermore to coincide with this theme, Julien Poulson is opening the first floor space at KAMA, Kampot as a gallery with a similarly themed photo exhibition on the Cambodian Sixties. It's a group show called "Vanishing Villas & The Lost Aristocracy of Kep.
Exhibition will open at KAMA on Friday 4 Sept and later travel to galleries abroad.

"Vanishing Villas & the Lost Aristocracy of Kep"

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