Video artists

Julien Poulson's biography

Julien Poulson has many years experience working in creative
arts roles with a particular focus on music and media. Julien has
worked as a photographer, political cartoonist, graphic designer,musician, filmmaker, and arts administrator. Julien has twenty years experience in the Australian music industry as well as strong interests in film, visual and media arts (and their convergence points).
Julien has toured with rock bands in Australian and USA,devised and managed music festivals, worked with boards, committees and membership-based organisations,implemented industry programs, managed an independent record label and published magazines including founding 3PBSfm’s Easey Street magazine. He currently works with The Green Mist – a Tasmanian based collective with members of The Violent Femmes and The Beasts of Bourbon.
In 2007 Julien released two albums through his Mistophone Records. Rolling Stone Magazine said of The Green Mist’s debut Next Stop Antarctica “…while the names are impressive, what’s more so is the quality of the music, which is inky and sombre but still possessed of a relentless energy... seemingly disparate parts coming together to form a very impressive whole.” 4 Stars.
As a young student, Julien travelled to the Philippines as a guest of League of Filipino Students and spent time working as a photojournalist. Since this time, Julien has often travelled and worked abroad - producing animation in Hong Kong and more recently a feature length documentaries on subjects ranging from Balinese youth culture through to transgender lives in Istanbul, Julien has continued to seek opportunities to further his career in arts and media with a particular focus on working in the Asian region.
In 2007, received an Asialink residency and spent three months in Cambodia working with Khmer musicians to record new music. Early in 2009, Julien returned to Cambodia to begin writing and researching a film
project The River Flows Backwards and was offered a residency at MetaHouse, Phnom Penh, to continue developing his work. In 2009 Julien toured Europe working both as a musician and as a filmmaker. This year, Julien was awarded The Alcorso Foundation’s prestigious Italian Arts Residency and will spend three months living in Venice for the purpose of creating music and text for a Western titled Muskito.

David Boyle's biography

David Boyle is a videographer and journalist who has worked in and out of Asia since 2006. His work spans all mediums but currently he is employed as a reporter at the Phnom Penh Post newspaper, while freelancing to news agencies on the side.

Previously David has worked training young Cambodian volunteer journalists in video journalism and has produced promotional documentaries for clients including the Australian Red Cross, the International Labor Organization Cambodia and the Tsunami Volunteer Center.

David has also worked extensively producing corporate video in Australia.

In 2009 he was a combined winner of the UN peace media award for a video story about a human trafficking victim in Melbourne, Australia. He is also currently completing a masters thesis in journalism.

George Jefferies's biography

George studied video production at the University of the West of England in Bristol. After graduating he established a video production company.

In November 2009, George moved to Phnom Penh, where he works as a filmmaker and photographer.

Specialising in cutting edge HDSLR technology, George provides clients with professional, broadcast-quality, HD videos and photos optimised for printing and publishing on the web.

George’s client list includes Asia Foundation, Centre Culturel Français, TPO Cambodia and Cambodia Film Commission.

He is also a member of Asia Motion, a creative agency based in Phnom Penh.

One of George’s short films was screened during the 2010 Cambodia International Film Festival.

Stephane Janin's biography

Stéphane Janin was born in France in 1968. He has photographed Cambodia Since the early 90s, visiting the country on numerous occasions, until he settled in Phnom Penh and live there permanently from 2004 to 2007. He emphasized on daily life activities, arts and culture.
Janin was the founder of the Popil PhotoGallery in Phnom Penh (2005-2007), the first independent art space fully dedicated to the art of photography, a space where he has organized a dozen of exhibitions of local and international photographers. At the same time, Janin taught photography to students in his gallery and to students of the Royal Fine Arts School and Department of Media and Communication, tutoring them to build their own body of work ("14 + 1" exhibition at French Cultural Center).
In September 2007, Janin relocated to Washington DC where he lived 3 years. From the USA, he has documented life stories of Cambodian American people: .

From Cambodia and the United States, 2006 to 2010, Janin also explored an ancestral way of creating images, using boxes and black and white paper negatives to build "The Substance Beneath the Visible".

Since 2010 Janin lives in the South of France where he teaches art, media, culture and comunication for high school students.

Marc Eberle's biography

Marc Eberle born 1972 in Heidelberg, Germany studied Language, Literature and Culture of North America, History and Media Culture at the University of Hamburg. He holds an MA in Film and TV from Royal Holloway, University of London. He worked as researcher at Archive Films in New York and helped to set up Cambodia’s largest private TV station, Cambodian Television Network, CTN, as producer, director, production manager and coach of the local staff. Currently he is teaching documentary filmmaking at the Goethe Institute in Phnom Penh as well as pursuing his love of making films.

Since January 2011 Marc has produced short films as correspondent for Dutch broadcaster VPRO’s slot METROPOLIS
in Cambodia, Thailand and Burma.

Starting January 2012 Marc has been appointed Artistic Director for DocNet South East Asia, a two-year regional training initiative funded by the EU and Goethe Institut with numerous panels, round tables, workshops and a masterclass in Indonesia, The Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Burma. As part of the project Marc plans, curates and oversees the implementation of ChopShots, the new international Documentary Filmfestival held in Jakarta from December 5-9 2012.

Marc Eberle has previously directed documentaries for ARTE, NDR, WDR, SWR, BR, MDR, ZDF and Discovery Channel in Oman, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. His latest documentary, The most secret place on earth – The CIA’s covert war in Laos (NDR/ARTE, WDR, Filmfund Hamburg, Filmfund NRW, MEDIA new Talents, MEDIA, developed in the framework of the Discovery Masterschool,) opened in German cinemas early 2009 and has been screened at over ten international filmfestivals and was nominated for the north German Film Award, the History Makers’ Award in New York, the Golden Panda at Sichuan intl. Filmfestival, China, the World Television Award, Banff, Canada.

Victor Corolleur's biography

Born in France in 1965. Self made autodidact, Victor worked for almost 20 years as a light designer & photography director.
Victor had a master 2 degree in computer and arts science in France Lyon 2 University 3 years ago.Victor worked 10 years ago in Vietnam for 2 years, then worked for 7 years in west Africa, and nowadays lives for 2 years in Cambodia.
Corolleur worked also all around Europe and Canada for many years for special events, fashion shows, contemporary dance and theater. His latest projects includes developing light design, sound design, installations, photo and video.

See my portfolio at :

Poppy Shmith's biography

Poppy Shmith is a documentary filmmaker and journalist who has worked in the not-for-profit sector in Australia and Asia for the past ten years. In 2007 she studied documentary at the Victorian College of the Arts, and her graduating film ‘Grind Girls’ won Film Victoria awards for Best Documentary Film and Best Original Script. In 2009 she established ‘Propeller Pictures’, a small film production business dedicated to social justice and community-oriented film. She has worked with organisations in Australia and South-East Asia including: World Vision, KHANA Cambodia, Family Planning Victoria, UNIFEM and Oxfam.

Poppy's co-directed feature documentary ‘Not So Straight’ about teenage sexuality was released in early 2010, and her two co-directed short films about HIV were screened on Cambodian television in 2010. A film celebrating the history of the women's movement was released in early 2011 and she is currently in post-production on another Cambodian-based short documentary ‘The Tree and the Butterfly’.