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Photo story - The King’s Last Wonders

The King’s Last Wonders

“I had no idea we love him so much”, tells Sokim with a stumped look.

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Nick Sells's biography

Nick is a self taught photographer from the UK.
He bought his first camera while travelling through South East Asia in 2006.

While in Cambodia Nick acquired his first photography assignments through the Phnom Penh Post as a sports photographer. He went on to win the Silver award for Best in Sports Photojournalism by the World Association of Newspapers and IFRA at the 2010 Asian Media Awards in Kuala Lumpur.

Nick has been working professionally in Cambodia for 4 years as an events photographer for his own company, Kampuchea Party Republic. Nick has also shot a range of subjects ranging from food to fashion. He has also opened his studio “So Shoot me” in Phnom Penh where he lives and works.