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For a human being, freedom is always a relative term. We all have the freedom to think as we please, but can we always express what we think?

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Photo story - Acodo Cambodian hope

Acodo Cambodian hope

Cambodian children continue to be some of the most deprived and abused offspring in the world.

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Photo story - POISONED CITY


We know that tanners get their daily dose of poison from the chemicals they use, but so do we.

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Photo story - All about my Mother-Dhaka, Bangladesh

All about my Mother-Dhaka, Bangladesh

All about my Mother-Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Liton Masud Alam's biography

Liton Masud Alam is a documentary photographer based in Dhaka
Liton completed a graduation in photography and photojournalism from Pathshala- South Asian Institute of media academy & photography, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Liton’s prime interests are social issues and human rights documentaries. He believes that people can get help by photography and knowing what's happening around the world.

His photographs where published in some local Newspapers, The Sunday Times U.K and Shots magazine U.K

He won the first prize of BPS (Bangladesh photographic society) Photo contest-2005, SOTIRI international prize for young photographers – Finalist 2009, China international press photo award (CHIPP) 2009 in Daily life – Bronze, Ian parry finalist 2009, National geographic all roads Photography project nominee 2010, WINE photo award Special mention 2010, LUCEO images student project winner 2010, Photo Visura grant project Honorable mention 2010.

His "Requiem For Freedom" Story was chosen and exposed in September 2012 in the World Event Young Artists Biennale (WEYA) in Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

Liton Masud Alam has been a member of Asia Motion since 2010.