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Photo story - The road back home, Phnom Penh to Prey Veng

The road back home, Phnom Penh to Prey Veng

Srey thy story is of rural migration and the stark reality of the urban experience shared by the many young women lured from the Cambodian rice fields to the bright city lights of modern day Phnom

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Photo story - Travesti Istanbul- Perla Salon Portraits

Travesti Istanbul- Perla Salon Portraits

Often targets of violence, Istanbul’s Travesti’s are being murdered in hate crimes and honour killings.

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Photo story - The Cyclo Men of Phnom Penh

The Cyclo Men of Phnom Penh

6am is the ideal time to be out and about in Phnom Penh.

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Julien Poulson's biography

Julien Poulson has many years experience working in creative
arts roles with a particular focus on music and media. Julien has
worked as a photographer, political cartoonist, graphic designer,musician, filmmaker, and arts administrator. Julien has twenty years experience in the Australian music industry as well as strong interests in film, visual and media arts (and their convergence points).
Julien has toured with rock bands in Australian and USA,devised and managed music festivals, worked with boards, committees and membership-based organisations,implemented industry programs, managed an independent record label and published magazines including founding 3PBSfm’s Easey Street magazine. He currently works with The Green Mist – a Tasmanian based collective with members of The Violent Femmes and The Beasts of Bourbon.
In 2007 Julien released two albums through his Mistophone Records. Rolling Stone Magazine said of The Green Mist’s debut Next Stop Antarctica “…while the names are impressive, what’s more so is the quality of the music, which is inky and sombre but still possessed of a relentless energy... seemingly disparate parts coming together to form a very impressive whole.” 4 Stars.
As a young student, Julien travelled to the Philippines as a guest of League of Filipino Students and spent time working as a photojournalist. Since this time, Julien has often travelled and worked abroad - producing animation in Hong Kong and more recently a feature length documentaries on subjects ranging from Balinese youth culture through to transgender lives in Istanbul, Julien has continued to seek opportunities to further his career in arts and media with a particular focus on working in the Asian region.
In 2007, received an Asialink residency and spent three months in Cambodia working with Khmer musicians to record new music. Early in 2009, Julien returned to Cambodia to begin writing and researching a film
project The River Flows Backwards and was offered a residency at MetaHouse, Phnom Penh, to continue developing his work. In 2009 Julien toured Europe working both as a musician and as a filmmaker. This year, Julien was awarded The Alcorso Foundation’s prestigious Italian Arts Residency and will spend three months living in Venice for the purpose of creating music and text for a Western titled Muskito.