Asia Motion is Cambodia's first photographers agency

Asia Motion is Cambodia's first photographers agency

Established in November 2008, the agency was established through a cooperation agreement between several local and international pho-tographers, who cover current events in the entire Asian region.
From very different horizons, these professional photographers and journalists have a common desire: portraying through photography theevolution of Asia.

The particular flavors, the economic dynamism and the fascinating cultural and social heritage from this part of the world are, amongst others,the focal interests of Asia Motion’s photographers.

The heart of Asia Motion is in Cambodia, as our team is greatly linked and touched by the past and current events in this country.
Oppressed by a sadly infamous regime, the Cambo- Today, Cambodia has reemerged from its ashes, anddian population has demonstrated an extraordinary is progressively evolving towards a more stableinstinct to survive over time economic development.

The grace, the gentleness and the extraordinary life philosophy of the Khmer people incites the photographers, each in his/her own way, inimmortalizing unique moments, captivating or simply representing daily life.

Through the images of this region, Asia Motion offers you a rich palette of colors. In order to satisfy our clients, our agency proposes the viewpoints from diverse professional photographers and various products, such as in-depth documentaries or photos depicting key currentaffaires
Asia Motion offers you a variety of services ranging from social, artistic, commercial, press, fashion and advertising photography.

Thediversity of photography genres provides the client with a critical perspective of the world, based on quality and creativity.
At Asia Motion the photographers work on specific job orders and also sell their personal work via the website, aiming to show their imagesand their texts beyond Asia.
« Like a liquid emotion, the wave travels a thousand miles to meet us, and like every emotion, it is born of a storm » (unknown artist)The strength of the wave has brought us together at the heart of Asia Motion, carried along by one and the same cause, vibrating on the samewavelength.


Founded in Phnom Penh in December 2009, Asia Motion’s Into Motion is the multimedia digital studio of Asia Motion.
Into Motion assembles photography, video, interviews and sounds, creating visual narratives for online and offline platforms, including screenings in museums, festivals, workshops and seminars.
Into Motion is a collection of short web documentaries available for promotion and screenings.
Asia Motion visual artists are available for commissioned assignments and special orders.